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Testimonials From My Clients

What an experience !!  As an 84 year-old widow, I put my house on the market so I could relocate and live near family members in another state.  I had lived in my house for 10 years and liked it very much just the way it was.  My first realtor had the house listed for nine months with no sign of contract.

When I decided to change realtors, I opened the telephone book to locate one and the first picture I saw was of win Wilson.  That Sunday, I asked my Sunday School class to pray for a realtor and was told that Win attended the class next door.  I was surprised and thankful.

After contacting Win and going over requirements, I was not sure I had chosen the right realtor.  I was told by Win and his lovely and vivacious wife Diana, that my house was priced too high for today's market, that paint colors should be changed throughout the house and even light fixtures.  With tears in my eyes, my emotions took over and I felt why would anyone not like my house the way it was.

After I calmed down and agreed to their recommendations, I could see the dramatic changes taking place in the house.  Since I had already sold much of the furniture in the house during the prior nine months, Diana displayed the house in a beautiful way in her advertisements. She also staged some rooms that were empty.  Believe it or not, even I agreed that the changes were very complimentary and I wished I had made them sooner.

After six weeks into the contract, I relocated to another state leaving the house empty.  Win & Diana assured me that they would take good care of everything and they did.  They kept me informed of any activity which gave me piece of mind.  They also sold some remaining furniture, made minor and major repairs, purchased items, and oversaw workers and service men.  I can recall after one exhausting day of volunteering and delivering a meal to a shut in, Win & Diana arrived and coming through the garage noticed I had a flat tire on my new car.  It was late but they took my car and had the tire repaired.  Now tell me, when have you ever had a realtor and his wife do anything like that?  Their were times when they walked me calmly through a "crisis" and displayed their professionalism and dedication.

I could tell of many situations when they came to the rescue, but this I will tell you:  If you are even thinking about selling your house, you will never find a more dedicated and loyal couple than Win & Diana Wilson.  They love what they do, they are knowledgeable and go way beyond the extra mile to "make a person proud."  I personally think Win should teach classes for perspective realtors (even seasoned ones) and Diana should teach classes on how to stage a house.  It makes all the difference when listing a house to have "the best".

What a pair if "Friends" I have found in Win & Diana.  I am thankful to the Lord for His wisdom and guidance in directing me to them when I was searching for a realtor.  I will save you time searching for a realtor: call Win & Diana today.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  Anne  Forever grateful

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge an outstanding member of the Real Estate profession, Win Wilson.  I have known of Win and his extensive credentials and reputation in our community for several years.  However, I never focused on it because I did not have a need for his services.  That changed a year ago when my daughter decided to take the big step in purchasing her first home.  I saw Win and his wife Diana at a social event in the community and casually mentioned that my daughter was about to embark on a quest to purchase her first home.  Knowing that this was not in the state of Georgia I did not expect anything to come from the conversation.  However, I clearly did not know Win.

Win asked to meet with my daughter when she came to town for a visit.  he sat down with her and asked her some probing questions to ascertain what she was looking for in a home, her pricing requirements, etc.  Then he began to educate her on what was important, some of the pitfalls and things she could expect to happen,  After the conversation was almost over, he went a step further... he volunteered to find her a Real Estate agent who had comparable experience and credentials to those he had amassed over the years.  I did not know what to expect but I encouraged my daughter to give it a try.

My daughter met with the recommended agent and was very impressed with her knowledge of real estate and her attention to detail.  This agent clearly listened to what my daughter was looking for and only showed her homes within the specifications outlined by my daughter.  The expertise of the agent was clearly demonstrated when she steered my daughter away from properties that were problematic and/or would not be a good investment.  On the closing day when we went to witness this special event it was also clear hat this agent took pride in providing the best service possible to ensure that her client was well taken care of during the process.

While I have never utilized the services of Win Wilson, I can tell you that if the opportunity presents itself I will.  he is the gold standard of expertise in the real estate profession.  If an agent provides this type of care and concern on a project in another state, just think of what he can do hands on at home.

Thanks Win for a job well done with excellence and care.

All the best,



Win, This letter is just a small way to thank you, and your wonderful wife, Diana, for all you both did for my sister and I on selling our late mother's home.  My dad, who passed away in 2004, told my sister and I that if we ever had any real estate needs for us to call Win Wilson. My dad was always one of the wisest men I've ever known, and his advice on using you, Win, as our real estate agent, was continued proof of my dad's great wisdom even after my dad passed on to heaven.

I am also a Real Estate Broker in Austin, Texas and have been for almost 20 years.  The services that you provided, on selling our late mother's house, far exceeds anything that I have provided my clients, or, that I have ever seen in the Real Estate Business. You and Diana went way beyond what anyone would have ever expected from a Real Estate Broker.

Your appraisal experience is extremely beneficial and your negotiation skills are superb! These skills were a direct result for us achieving the highest price for our late mother's home.

Your guidance in knowing the overall Real Estate market in Georgia is phenomenal!  From assistance in choosing colors of paint for the inside/outside of the house, flooring, lighting, providing excellent guidance on reliable and reasonable subcontractors to use and even staging, you far exceeded even my highest expectations !

Not only do I highly recommend you for anyone needing any real estate needs, I would be happy to talk with anyone that is needing more than just a written recommendation.

Thanks again for you and Diana's dedicated, loyal and professional assistance !

God Bless you both !!   



Dear Win & Diana,

Thank you. For the second time since we have lived in Peachtree City you have sold a home for us.

When we spoke to you, there were several suggestions you made to enable us to get the best price. In addition to the listing, you did all the work to ensure that the suggestions were executed by your priority contractors with no expense to us except for the cost of the individual renovations.

This was by far one of the easiest sales we ever did.  Within 3 days of the listing we had more than 9 offers and ended up selling the house at 30% over the listing price.  This was very much due to the renovations, staging of the house and expertise.

Thank you so much for your help. We look forward to dealing with you in the future and will recommend you to our friends.

Sincerely,   Paul & Joanne


Dear Win and Diana:

We would like to thank you both for the wonderful help you have provided us in the process of selling our home in Whitewater Creek.  Because of our military life 
we have had over 24 homes.  The experience you provided in finding a qualified buyer for our home was far and beyond any we've had in the past.

One of the most important services you provided was to keep us informed in a timely manner of the results of the many showings.  We have never had an agency that would be available to our requests for information much less provide it without asking.  For this service we are extremely grateful.  You were always there to see that the house was ready to show and was properly closed with all lights off and locks engaged.  We know this took a lot of time and effort and want you to know it was appreciated.

Win, your experience in determining the value of our property in today's market was also very valuable.  When we needed a recommendation for services you always had a name or company to meet our needs.  Someone we could trust to do a good job at a fair price.

Diana, we so appreciate the effort you put into staging our home after we moved out. It made the house feel more like a home and we're sure it played a part in all the positive comments resulting from the showings and eventually the sale of our home.
It was a long process due to the market and several delays because of storms and other last minute repairs but in the end you managed to sell our home close to our asking price.

The final test of a good broker/agent is the closing.  Because of our need to be out of the state at that time you stepped up and made sure last minute repairs were done by qualified, trustworthy repairmen.  The closing went without problems because of your experience and careful dedication to detail.
Thank you for your wonderful service and we would recommend you to any and all who want the best service in their real estate needs.

Most sincerely, 

Larry and Gretchen 


Dear Win,

I Thought I'd write to you to let you know how pleased Gretchen and I are about the sale of our lot in Achasta Country Club in Dahlonega.  As you know we bought the lot in 2007 and shortly thereafter changed our plans and elected not to build a home there.  We put the property on the market, however, R.J. Reynolds, the owner of the club went bankrupt leaving the property virtually "unsellable".  The lot remained on the market thirteen (yes, 13) years through six realtors and three more bankruptcies without an offer.  You were given the contract.  It took a year but you stuck with it and found buyers.  This is our third transaction with you - all three with excellent results.
We feel more like members of the Wilson family.

Warm regards,
Larry Wright, Brigadier General, USAF. (Ret.)


Selling a home can be a very stressful experience. We have sold many homes in our lifetime and know the feeling very well. However, when your home sale is placed under the leadership of Win Wilson, I guarantee it will be a remarkable & rewarding experience. He will manage the process to get the highest price for your home, in the shortest possible time frame covering every detail of the transaction.  Win is the best real estate agent I have ever met...  Extremely knowledgeable very intelligent, great insight and work ethics, high degree of integrity, outstanding planning/ organization, and flawless plan execution.

Wins estimated price for our home was significantly higher than my personal estimate (after an extensive investigation) and the estimate from another experienced real estate agent.   After five (5) potential buyers viewed our home in the first few days, Win had multiple buyers competing for the property and we achieved a final amount higher than our listing price.  The entire process which included listing, showing, sale, legal closing transaction and moving out took only (25) days.

Win and his wife Diana are an amazing team. They have great insight and recommendations on how to display your home in the best possible manner. Diana's pictures capture the beauty of the home perfectly. Also, Win develops a Marketing Plan that is tailored for your home. Win and Diana orchestrate the scheduling, showings, negotiations, and closing to perfection.

I can't say enough about Win and Diana. They both have earned my highest recommendation. They are the very best in the real estate business.

Jim I


After 12+ terrific years in our family home, it was time to downsize.  My husband and I interviewed several real estate agents to confirm what we thought the house was worth and to select one to market our home.  Several gave us the basic market analysis.  Some said we could put the house on the market “as is” and it would sell in a few months, probably for less than asking price.

Win previewed our home and gathered information.  We went to his office for the presentation.  He and his lovely bride, Diana, went through ‘Win’s System’.  At first, we thought it was just a ‘sales’ pitch to get the listing.    By the end of the presentation, we knew that Win was the agent to sell our home.  He knows the market, is a certified appraiser and has been named "Agent of the Year" several times.  What's not on paper is HE LOVES WHAT HE DOES!

He constructively told us what we needed to do - paint, replace kitchen counter tops and remove most of the ‘stuff’ we had in the house.  How were we going to find the people to do the work?  Well, that’s where the team of Win and Diana were awesome !!!  They knew who and what we needed to complete the “to do” list.  What a relief!  Every step of the process they were there to assist, set up appointments with contractors, and find the best prices for everything!

There were several times during the process we became very stressed.  Win and Diana were absolutely AMAZING!  They became our support team - providing assistance, reassurance, advice and best of all - Friendship! Even today, months after our home sold, we maintain and cherish our friendship.   Long story short - our home sold within 9 days.  Would we recommend & use Win & Diana again ?  Yes!  Most Definitely !!!!  

The Pughs


Dear Win,

Buying and selling a house has lots of challenges and one should not go through this without the very BEST agent.  Tommy and I made a great decision when we chose you to represent us as we bought a house and again when we sold ours.  You and your lovely wife held our hand on many occasions when we were overwhelmed with what the law required of a buyer and seller.  Your soothing voice, when we were stressing out, always put things in perspective and made us realize that this, too, shall pass.

There are not enough words to express our heart-felt thank you for your expertise, your insight, your thoughtfulness, your generosity and your integrity.  You and Diana both worked tirelessly to show our house at its best and your suggestions were followed to the letter. Those suggestions paid off with a contract in less than a week!  We appreciated the fact that we could get in touch with you immediately and you would handle any concern we might have had.

After today's closing, we have felt so blessed and truly feel as though we are more than friends but now a part of your family.  You will be recommended to others looking to buy or sell with the highest praise!

Thank you for "a job well done".

Tommy and Barbara


Dear Win and Diana:

With sincerity and heartfelt gratitude we would like to thank you for helping us find our dream home and making our home buying process such a success.  You have worked with us for almost five years and have never wavered in your service and commitment to helping us find and purchase a home.

Even though we were relocating from New Jersey to Georgia you were always available when we called you.  When we made a trip to Georgia you made sure we had houses to look at. You were honest about the homes we looked at and made sure any home we were interested in looking at was available for our viewing.

Your immense knowledge is immeasurable and irreplaceable.  We would call you and let you know that we were coming down and you would take hours out of your day to take us to look at homes.  We are extremely grateful for your knowledge, your respect and dedication to helping us find a home.  Your experience as a retired appraiser and builder reassured us that we were getting the best.

Even though it was a long process we finally found a home and it is more than we have ever imagined.  We have a brand new home in a newly built sub-division in Fayetteville and we love the home and the community.  We want to thank you for doing the initial walk through for us being that we lived out of state and was unavailable at the time.  You found things that we would not have noticed due to your knowledge as a retired builder and appraiser.  May God continue to bless you and your lovely wife and may you continue to help people find their dream home.  I have referred you to several people who want to relocate to Georgia.


Robert and Demetria


We highly recommend Win Wilson as a real estate agent for anyone looking to buy or sell a home in this area.  Every time we have worked with him, Win has proven himself to be hard-working, motivated, and knowledgeable. 

Several years ago, Win helped us easily sell our first home, then worked with us to find a new one.  He took the time to get to know us, and he helped us find exactly the right house to accommodate our growing family. Win was there for us every step of the way. His hard work and expertise eliminated the stress and confusion of the process for us. 

This year,  when we were ready to sell again, we turned to Win.  He and Diana went over and above our expectations to help us prepare our house to go on  the market.  The house needed to be refreshed and updated to make a good impression on potential buyers, so they advised us on everything from paint colors to light fixtures to staging. They even recommended contractors for the repairs and improvements we needed, and every one of them did good work at reasonable prices.

Win's knowledge of the housing market in our area took all of the guesswork out of pricing our house for a swift sale.  Win and Diana always got prompt feedback after every showing, and they were always quick to respond to any questions and concerns we had. Our house was under contract after 44 days on the market.  We were delighted when it sold for $5200 above asking price.

If we ever find ourselves in need of a real estate agent again, we will definitely call Win Wilson.  His patience, professional approach, and dedication made our real estate experience a positive one, and we are pleased to recommend him.

 Ryan and Kate



My husband accepted a position in Texas.  We were able to purchase a home there for him to move into in November.  We put our home in Sharpsburg For Sale By Owner.  In the two months we had it listed For Sale By Owner we only had two interested parties call, and one of these was a realtor.  My four children and I were joining my husband and moving everything out of the Sharpsburg home after Christmas.  We knew we needed help selling the house, and friends of ours suggested we use Win Wilson. They had used Win sometime earlier and highly recommended him.  Win appraised the house and gave us a list of suggestions in getting our home market ready.  

Things that needed to be done to the house in order to sell it quickly were plentiful, and I did not want to do everything on that list.  We followed his suggestions because Win knows what it takes to sell a house.  We moved out December 31st, he listed the house the next week, and we had a contract on it in eight days!  Unbelievable!  Before closing in February, I came across an article from a neighborhood realtor in Texas showing that January is typically the slowest month for the housing market.  Thanks to Win and Diana Wilson's teamwork, we were not part of that statistic !


Jonathan & Andrea



There are not adequate words to convey to the both of you how sincerely grateful to God we are that he placed you in our path at just the right time.  We anticipated that preparing, listing, showing and selling our home would be a difficult task in today's market but we never expected the entire process from start to finish to only take 2 short months!  We loved the role that you both played during this process and how well you displayed such a nice balance of professionalism yet a warm and caring attitude toward us.

Diana, you are such a classy lady and did such a nice job of helping us to prepare our home for showing.  We really appreciate how prompt you were in communicating with us to schedule our showings and for helping to respect our busy lifestyle.  Your help with updating and staging our home was such a tremendous start for us and we know this foundation is what set us off on the right foot.  The feedback you gathered for us from the realtors after each showing was great and meant a lot and really helped to keep us on track.   

Win, we were so grateful for the level of trust we felt through this process with your vast amount of knowledge in real estate.  You were right on target with your recommended value of our home!  So much so that we got what we asked.  Wow!  We were impressed once again as you guided us through the sometimes overwhelming process of finding a new home and all that can entail.  Thank you for always listening to our wants and needs first and making us feel like we were your only clients.  We always felt supported and encouraged by your knowledge and appreciate how you walked beside us through this journey. It was very reassuring to us to know that you were very dependable in all of the information you told us.   Your negotiating skills are great and we love all the upgrades in our new home!

We are slowly but surely settling into our beautiful new home.  We love it and truly do look forward to having you both over to share a meal with us.  Thank you again for everything!! We feel blessed to be part of your real estate family.


Jay & Dara


When my husband and I began house hunting for our first home we were overwhelmed with where to begin.  After a couple of months of researching the market on our own and corresponding with a few real estate agents we became very frustrated with how the process was going.  As a first time home buyer we were inexperienced, had limited resources and skeptical to trust a realtor with the biggest purchase we have ever made. We were about to give up completely due to the stress and then we met Win Wilson.

Having Win as our realtor made all the difference in the world. Not only does he have the resources and knowledge to work in real estate, he has a passion for it.  He carries himself with utmost professionalism and class, and was well organized and motivated to help us find our first home.  He really listened to what was important to our family in searching for our home and truly cared about our best interest.  Win Wilson turned our negative experience into a very positive one.  The whole process was smooth, from our first meeting to the closing. From a business aspect we have now made a solid investment, more importantly from a personal perspective we have found our perfect home.

Thank you Win, our Realtor for life,    






Win Wilson
Win Wilson
REALTOR®, Appraiser, ABR, CRS, GRI
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